Craft & Connect

Craft & Connect was born in the summer of 2023, when one of our founders, Jayne, was struggling to find a cardmaking retreat that fitted around her work and childcare commitments - living in the UK and not always able to participate in US events that went late into the night.

Jayne & Emma decided that it was time to bring to the UK the same amazing quality of events that we had enjoyed in the past, to allow European crafters to fully participate in real-time, whether in person or virtually. In addition to our in-person and virtual craft retreats, we will be offering online cardmaking classes and other valuable resources.

We have exciting plans, and we hope you’ll be there to join us!

Jayne Vaughan

Jayne began cardmaking as a hobby, to relax outside of her day job as a commercial lawyer, but the hobby quickly became an obsession!

Jayne has been lucky enough to work on the design teams of several big brands, and is passionate about bringing cardmaking to a wider audience. You might know Jayne by her social media name, Card Days' Night.

Jayne on Social Media

Emma Burgess

Emma is the founder of My Perfect Stamp, a UK based company, which brings the best crafting products from around the world, to the UK. She is a midwife by trade and wanted to turn her crafting passion into a career.
Emma is ‘mum’ to 3 craft dogs, Margot, Barbara and Horatio, who regularly help out with all the paperwork!

My Perfect Stamp